Center for Voice and Swallowing offers the following medical speech pathology services:

Evaluation and treatment of a variety of disorders associated with dysphonia. Diagnostics via state of the art videostroboscopy/endoscopy equipment in collaboration with Northside ENT Otolaryngologists. Subsequent treatment plans and follow through as determined throughout the evaluation process. For more specific information related to the evaluation/treatment of voice disorders please visit our Voice Conditions page.

VCD (Paradoxical Vocal fold Motion) can be described as an abnormal closure of the vocal folds during the inspiratory phase of the respiratory cycle resulting in the perception of inability to take in an adequate breath. This can be experienced in early adolescences through adulthood and can often be associated with a behavioral phenomenon, and can be treated with breathing exercises/techniques. At Performance Voice Solutions examinations include in office laryngoscopy or the endoscopic examination of your larynx, and can be performed with or without exertion challenges based upon the onset of VCD symptoms with subsequent treatment plans as needed.

Patients with head and neck cancer often require treatment of speech and swallowing disorders with or without a surgical history. We offer Therabite assistance for the treatment of trismus post surgery or radiation therapy, speech and swallowing evaluation and therapy, and voice rehabilitation services following laryngeal surgeries, including alaryngeal speech. Voice prosthetic changes for patients with voice restoration needs are available: with over 13 years experience in the use of both in-Health and ATOS voice prosthetics. Consultation in the treatment of all aspects of alaryngeal voicing difficulty is available.