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Speech Improvement

Clear, efficient speech is a perquisite for communication in the 21st century. Center for Voice and Swallowing offers specific training in effective speaking, and presentational skills. It is well known that first impressions are lasting impressions.

The clarity of a telephone greeting, the response to a question, the smile that accompanies the greeting all contribute to that lasting impression. Anyone who wants to speak with distinction, articulate with precision and present their message with confidence will benefit from the speech improvement programs.

Who is a candidate for speech improvement?

Individuals who speak professionally may find a program of speech improvement beneficial. In addition to others, salesman, executives, actors, secretaries, doctors, teachers/professors and clergy may find benefit in this program. People who suspect they might benefit from additional help to clearly articulate speech and project the voice can be helped with speech improvement techniques.

People with a speech impediment who are asked to repeat can also benefit from the program. Any individual who wants to be presented with a voice of confidence, a distinct message and a dynamic/interesting delivery can improve in a short time with established techniques.

In addition, people who may be placed in circumstances that require public speaking (i.e. training seminars, infrequent speeches for personal or professional events) may benefit from training to maximize the presentation, to facilitate increased experience with the nuances of public speaking and to decrease any anxiety or other emotional variables.

Motor Speech

Motor speech disorders are changes in the speech production as the result of an acute neurologic event, other neurologic process, or disturbance to the muscular control of the mouth/throat. They encompass a wide variety of disorders termed dysarthrias or apraxia of speech. This is often most recognized as “slurred speech” commonly associated with speech production following a stroke, but can be the result of many different disorders. Dysarthria can also be the result of disturbance to muscular control including weakness or paralysis following a wide variety of surgical procedures. At Center for Voice and Swallowing we can offer evaluation and treatment of a variety of motor speech disorders with treatment plans as indicated.

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